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The kitchen is the Heart of the Home

The home and garden are a quintessential part of life, and for most, this involves the ever-changing seasons of the year for the gardener, home and decorating ideas, and the fabulous and innovative designs that are a constant, with the many TV reality shows and magazine articles. Offering amazing decorating tips and the newest home improvement techniques, we strive to improve and re-design our individual ‘castles’. For some this could be a small basement flat, for others a mid-terraced home and in some cases, a large and rambling home that yearns to be rejuvenated, what ever your home and garden, we all seek to improve and achieve the satisfaction gained by making your home your own.

The old saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home is probably one of the truest quotes, as most will agree, this is the place where everyone seems to gather within the home. We often complain of lack of storage and in many cases now, with the newer builds, the old fashioned ‘pantry’ appears to be making a huge, and welcome comeback. An ideal area for hiding all your tinned goods, pastas, Tupperware containers and even saucepans and vegetables, its cool, dark environment not only conceals the weekly shop but allows us to utilise shelving and hide otherwise, bulky kitchen essentials, like the bread maker, mixer and toaster, even the ironing board, thus making surface space clear and more pleasing to the eye. With home improvements and kitchen projects on the rise, the opportunity to prevail the design ideas of a more experienced designer encourage us to seek advice, listing our requirements and choosing from the vast array of choices that are now available. From the stunning Shaker Style kitchen, matt stone effect and the clean modern and contemporary shine of the high gloss slabs and units, there is an enormous selection of design ideas, in which to make our kitchen dreams come true.

We all love that quiet space, that often is sought after a busy day, the sanctuary that can easily take you into a world of peace and harmony in the ever chaotic life styles of modern living, or refresh you after a morning run, revitalising your body and soul and preparing you for the day ahead. A bathroom is no longer just a space for a brief visit or a quick bath, it’s a world of your own making, where tired muscles and minds can relax in a warm and luxurious bath, maybe a beautiful traditional roll-top or something a little more contemporary. The bathroom of your choice now can offer stunning ideas for, what once was a simple shower, whisking you into a tropical oasis with options like the Rainfall Shower Head or the enticingly named, Waterfall Shower Head. With all you would expect from the cover of a magazine, the selection of Bathroom Suites, Shower Enclosures and furniture accessories available for updating or refreshing your bathroom, have never been more accessible or affordable, that little sanctuary of peace and quiet, more commonly known as ‘the Bathroom’, was just upgraded through imagination, shared ideas and the click of a button.

Aspirational goals for all your DIY and decorating projects

As with any home decoration or refurbishment, be it on a grand or small scale, a simple re-paint or a little re-fresh for the guest room, the decisions and long thought out plans, ideas and aspirational goals for all your DIY and decorating projects, always take time. You can wander aimlessly through a sea of wallpaper, jumping from the plush and romantic designs of the Damask wallpaper, or perhaps the cottage or warehouse style, disclosed brick and stone effect may add a little something different to the lightbulb idea you have. There are the many ‘free spirited’ designs of the fifty’s and sixty’s, with their retro colours and geometric shapes, pushing hard to make another appearance, with some, being transported back in time to their childhood days. With some of the futuristic ideas that now abound with-in the field of interior design, there is now a wide selection of wallpaper that will sparkle with your dreams and mirror all your chrome, with glitter and metallic designs that will transform the dullest of rooms. All your finishing touches, from ceiling rose, to architrave, light switches and skirting boards, lamps to chandeliers, concealed lighting and soft furnishings, the designer and renovator in us all, has such an enormous supply of choices available now, what-ever your decision for your home, the pallet of DIY and personal design packages are readily accessible to even the newest interior designer.

With the seasonal changes in our British weather, it is sometimes hard to remember the long hazy, lazy days of summer, when all you see, as you look from your window, is the ever present curtain of rain, soaking our plans and enveloping everything, including our gardens, in a soggy and persistent downfall. If the rainfall was not enough, mother nature always throws a little more our way at this time of year, by giving everyone a good hard frost and just for good measure, an even better blanket of thick snow. For the keen gardener this gives just a little breathing space for the preparation of the year ahead, with the imminent awakening of bulbs and the daily routine of feeding the birds, new garden pots may be needed, as many succumb to the heavy winter frosts, the fencing panels that have just about made it through another year, seriously need to be replaced, the gardeners list is never ending. From new beginnings as a complete novice gardener, or a horticultural genius following in the steps of Monty Don and Gertrude Jekyll, the world of Gardening and its all encompassing attributes, offer an extension of the home to envelope all the wonders and health benefits of outside living. From plants and seeds, bulbs and compost even trees to suit any size garden or courtyard, the world of horticulture can spread its wings widely, enabling even the newest and most inexperienced gardener or garden designer, a feeling of great accomplishment when, at last, the dream becomes clear with its petals of colour, leaves that move with the breath of each season and, if grasses and bamboos are your garden preference, you can hear them whisper on a balmy summer evening.

Safety and tranquillity of the garden

That longed for summer house or garden office, is something that again, is on the list of many, a private area within the garden, a choice of sizes to suit any home, and in many cases you don’t even have to erect it, just book for installation and the jobs done. No longer have you got to wait in for the builder that is always late, or supply endless cups of tea to the one and only handy man that can’t work unless he has a break every ten minutes, DIY is exactly what it says, you choose, you do, you have no one to answer to but yourself. The enormous choices available with the DIY centres now, they don’t just offer you a glimpse into a sea of concrete paving slaps, granite stones and stacks of various coloured bricks, there is always someone to ask, guide and advise you. Even on-line, if there is a question you need answering with any DIY or Gardening question, you will have an easy link for helpful hints and readily answered questions. From paving to brickwork, fencing and all your garden storage needs, the plethora of gardening and outdoor living supplies that are so readily to hand now can often confuse, especially when you realise just how wide and varied the selection of all your requirements are.

Within the safety and tranquillity of the garden, seating will often be a long and well discussed decision, from wicker garden furniture to Teak and other woods, some venturing into a more futuristic style of garden seating, whilst others just long for a good stretch in a swaying hammock. Of course with your garden furniture you have to remember the excitement that summer offers with the magical promise of gastronomic delights wafting through the warm air from the BBQ, garden tools all stored away after just finishing your new raised garden bed, the new pond pump you installed last week bubbling happily in your recently built water garden, outdoor living at its best. The health aspects of being outside in the garden have never been in doubt, both physically and mentally, the stimulation offered through fresh air, birds singing, laughter and sunshine, leaves little doubt of where most adults and children would prefer to spend their time. The pure joy of laughter can lift the darkest day and with outdoor living high on most peoples minds these days, garden play sets, seesaws, basket ball nets, family swing ball even the humble sand pit, all these and more can achieve a happiness and memories that will remain through life. The easy installation of a hard-sided swimming pool or even the large family inflatable pool is something that can add a little something extra to your garden design, and for the grown-ups, the Jacuzzi, with its choices in shape and sizes and now readily available, a little grown-up decadence within the sanctity of the garden that gives that finishing touch to any evening. Homes and Gardens, courtyards and flats the wealth of products, design ideas and your imagination, combine this with a dash of optimism and excitement and the world is your oyster, well the internet can help, just start planning.