30 x Crocus Chrystanthus Cream Beauty Bulbs – Perennial Spring Flowers (Corms)


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Perennial flower bulbs. An eye-catching creamy white crocus with golden centres, the classic oval petals form a cup-style flower. These can quickly form a large colony so can be split later in the year to spread. These are a naturally small and delicate flower, so are best placed in rockeries, between shrubs or in a container. They are great for naturalising and are bee-friendly which makes them good for pollinating. Crocus crysanthus Cream Beauty has been awarded with the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Soil: well-drained Sunlight: Like full sun but flowers last longer in partial shade Planting period: Plant from July onwards Flowering: February/March Flowering Height: 8cm (3in) Placement: 5cm (2in) deep, 5cm (2in) apart Hardiness: H5 Material: Other Material.