Bosch Ahs50-26 Electric Hedge Cutter


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The Bosch AHS 50-26 electric hedgecutter is lightweight and powerful. It is up to 10 lighter than previous models making it easy to use with less strain on your arms and back, ideal for jobs that take more time. The 50 cm laser-cut, diamond ground blades and 26 mm tooth spacing make this ideal for medium-large hedges. This hedgecutter has an outstanding 600 W High-Power motor which takes the sweat out of cutting stubborn growth. Storm through stubborn branches without a second thought thanks to the 600 W High Power motor. The AHS 55-26 offers an outstanding cutting performance and is powerful enough to tackle medium to large sized hedges with ease. For added benefits the ergonomic handle has multi-start buttons allowing you to work easily in different positions to get the optimum cut possible every time. The ergonomic design with a soft grip and see-through handle guard allows for effortless, balanced and safe working with optimal visibility. At 3.5 kg it is extremely lightweight making it both easier to carry and better for reducing strain whilst working, it is up to 10 lighter than its predecessor.. A 50 cm laser cut, diamond ground blade provides a clean and precise cut every time. Easily cut through branches up to 26 mm in diameter with the 26 mm tooth spacing making it ideal for medium to heavy weight branches. The AHS 50-26 has a sawing function at the tip of the blade which enables you to through branches up to 32 mm in diameter. This feature allows you to cut branches 6 mm larger than the tooth spacing ideal for those odd parts of the hedge which have had more growth in the season This model has a metal tip at the end of the blade which protect in from harder surface, enabling you to cut along walls or paths. Material: Other Material.