Bosch Electric Lawn raker Alr900


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The Bosch ALR 900 Lawn Raker comes with a powerful 900w high-torque Powerdrive motor and specially designed raking cylinder, enabling you to regularly free your lawn from moss, weeds, thatch and leaves. With its innovative Jet Collect system and 10 double-wound spring tines, it not only lifts surface debris, it creates an air flow which increases the rate of collection to maximise on each pass over your lawn. It has a full 32cm cutting width and 4 raking heights ranging from +10mm to -5mm, making it ideal for regular use throughout the gardening season. The innovative drum with spring steel tines and profiled airflow inlets completely lifts and collects thatch, moss, weeds and leaves. The collected debris is compacted into the collection box by the powerful airflow, which also prevents clogging and increases the amount collected. Twin levers enable you to easily change the height of cut for different lawn conditions. At the lowest setting (-5mm) the tines will scratch just below the surface of the lawn, lifting all shallow rooted debris, whilst the highest setting (+10) allows collection of fallen leaves and surface garden debris. The ALR 900 is only 40cm high when stored due to the double folding handles and a specially designed 2-piece stackable collection box. A large 50L grassbox reduces your emptying trips so more time can be spent gardening. It comes as a 2-piece, click-together item that can be quickly dismantled for storage. Material: Metal & plastic.