DeWalt Dt5548qz 5. 5 x 93mm Extreme 2 Metal Drill Bit (10 Pieces)


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DeWalt Extreme 2 Metal Drillbit 5. 5 x 93mm (10) Dewdt5548qz. The DeWalt Extreme 2 metal tip starts drilling on contact eliminating walking for clean, accurate holes (diameters 4. 8 mm and above only). The drill bits contain the following features: Innovative tapered web greatly reduces breakage. No-Slip shank with 3 flats eliminates slipping in the chuck (diameters 5. 0mm and above only). Permanent size markings located above the shank for increased visibility. Gold Ferrous Oxide coating prevents overheating for longer bit life. The NEW Extreme 2 Metal drill bit designed to maximise drill performance offers: Faster drilling up to 4x faster than standard HSS-R drill bits. Increased durability up to 50 stronger than standard HSS-R drill bits. Cleaner, more accurate, burr-free holes due to recessed cutting wings. Applications: Suitable for portable drilling of steel, alloyed and non-alloyed up to 900n/mm. For drilling sheet or thin materials (suitable for use in wood and plastics). The DeWalt Dewdt5548qz Extreme 2 metal drillbits (10) have the following dimensions: 5. 5 x 93mm (10). Dewdt5548qz Material: Other Material.