Solo 433h Motorised Sprayer


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stainless steel

The Solo 433h high pressure petrol backpack sprayer has a 4-stroke 25cc Honda petrol engine with plenty of power. The 433h is equipped with a 50 cm stainless steel spray wand and a pressure gauge on the sturdy handle, which allows the pressure to be adjusted for any application. The maximum operating pressure of the piston pump is 30 bar (450 Psi), enabling the sprayer to deliver the finest spray, even at altitude, with a flow rate of up to 2.4 litres per minute. The large 20 litre tank ensures that the sprayer can be used for long periods without refilling. The tank is made from high-grade polyethylene which is strong and has excellent resistance to chemicals and stress. Ultraviolet inhibitors are used in the material to reduce deterioration caused by strong sunlight. A practical drain connector, underneath the tank, enables complete draining of any leftover liquid. The Solo 433h comes supplied with a high quality twin nozzle and with stainless steel nozzle discs. Material: Plastic.