Stanley FatMax Deep Pro Organiser Twin Pack


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The Stanley FatMax Deep Pro Organiser has 10 removable storage compartments, providing storage for small parts, components or accessories, which can also be stacked together for use outside the organiser. Made from polypropylene, the organiser has a virtually unbreakable lid allowing the contents to be viewed easily and features a waterproof seal that not only prevents water, but also rust and foreign particles from entering. A plastic handle with textured grip allows the organiser to be transported comfortably, while the organisers lid has been specially designed to ensure that the compartments are held securely in place and fastens with two metal latches. For added versatility and easy transportation, multiple organisers can be clipped together using the side latches. This pack consists of: 2 x FatMax Deep Pro Organisers. Each organiser hs the following dimensions: Length: 44.6cm. Width: 35.7cm. Height: 11.6cm. Ptdsta170740 Size: 1.