Wessex Hot Tub- 58 Jets


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The Wessex hot tub is a 7 foot square spa with a large jet count and multiple seating areas, providing a range of different hydrotherapy massage experiences.! Yet the price is less than the average spa found in your local garden centre. With 58 jets this hot tub is also packed with many other exciting features including:- Audio system with MP3 docking station and built-in speakers Aqua rolling massage. 2 LED lights in cabinet corner panels Perimeter LED lighting (32 lights) Ozonator Cascading water fountain Two 3hp pumps Circulation pump Air blower Two powerful 3hp pumps are used to supply the 50 all- active hydrotherapy water jets, with an additional circulation pump included for extra quiet filtration- ideal for patios and timber decks, or where the spa is to be sited close to a neighbours fence. An air blower completes the jet set-up for maximum hydrotherapy and water action! Aqua Rolling Massage is the newest massage technology. This makes the hot tub virtually as good as your own personal masseuse with the advantage that this massage is available 24 hours a day at full power! The British Spa Company are leaders in the supply of hot tubs and associated products. Each hot tub is made using continuous-cast acrylic. Different layers of woven glass fiber in combination with dense urethane insulation result in a tremendously strong shell structure. Delivery and Warranty Package 1 is included in the price, with delivery to kerbside by courier; a 2 year Parts Warranty on the pumps; 2 year Parts Warranty on all other electrical and plumbing equipment. The spa surface is guaranteed for 8 years and the structure for 10 years. Delivery, Install and Warranty Package 2 is optional and also includes positioning at the desired spa site by our staff; setting up, filling and commissioning the spa to ensure everything is in full working order. A full on-site 24 month warranty is also included. Please note: if Color: White. Material: Other Material.