Types of Planters and How To Use Them

Blue Round PlanterFrom the beautiful vistas created by, undoubtedly Great Britain’s most celebrated Landscape designer and architect Capability Brown, our love for gardens and the opportunity that arises from their creation, is something that has endured over hundreds of years, irrespective of your size of outside space, the joy in garden creation and the different gardening techniques used to fulfill your design dream, are within reach of all those that enjoy the garden experience. For hundreds of years, the use of Containers or movable Garden Pots have been utilised by many of our horticultural greats to give definition to specific spots throughout the garden or to confine the growing of the more rambunctious plants, who’s root systems can often over take a border, and create a situation of swamping its neighbouring plant. At Home and Garden Sava we understand the desire to define our outside space with the unique influences of different planting designs and tastes, introducing style and quality into the garden by the introduction of specifically placed containers can change the appearance of the drabbest of gardens. High Cube Containers are a garden designers dream, as these beautiful and naturally weathered Planters will suit any garden setting or home environment, with a range of sizes and shapes available from the High Cube Planter, Cylinder Planter and Low Cube Planters, the options available for your outside or inside space will allow you the opportunity to enhance and improve the area with the use of High Cube Planters that offer the onlooker a unique opportunity to enjoy a horticultural experience unlike the usual container planters often available.

Square PlanterThe warm natural tone of the High Cube Containers, Cylinder Planters or Low Cube Planters comes from the high quality 2mm corten steel in which they are manufactured from, giving a beautiful natural warmth to the garden whilst offering a display vessel like no other. These unique Planters are able to weather naturally, the patina offered by its weathering, giving a soft rust brown, that is only enhanced through time and the elements. Home and Garden Sava prides itself on its high quality products and the knowledge of horticultural requirements that each individual may require, but irrespective of the size of garden in which you choose to use the High Cube Planter or even the Cylinder Planter, we at Home and Garden Sava are completely satisfied that the inclusion of these unique Planters into your outside or inside space, will give any creation or design a unique and imaginative ambience in which to enjoy a family bar-b-que, a relaxing glass of wine with friends or a morning coffee whilst enjoying the start of the day.

For many the use of containers is restricted to the patio edges, offering varying different shapes and sizes, often with differing colours and usually constructed or manufactured from clay. Home and Garden Sava has specifically expanded its search for that ‘little something special’ by sourcing an unusual and unique range of Planters, that make the garden or conservatory a focal point for design ideas, enabling friends and family to include the use of the High Cube or Cylinder Planters in their own home or garden environment. The available choices from Home and Garden Sava are suitable for all your container planting needs, but offering an elegance and natural tone to the choice of plant or shrub that is to be used in the chosen container. With some planters the colour can overwhelm the planting, so rather than the enjoyment of the flourishing growth and the subtle tones of the container giving a combined enjoyment when included into your garden design, the outcome falls short of the desired effect. Home and Garden Sava has simplified the problem of choice in colour as the manufacturing technique of the Cube Planter, Cylinder Planter or High Cube Planter, naturally gains its beauty over time, the subtle and graceful way in which the corten steel weathers in the elements with its warm, rust glow gives any form of planting, a stage or in this case a container, in which to enamour all that view its striking and unique style. The use of corten steel in the manufacture of High Cube Planters, Cylinder Planters and Low Cube Planters gives a container that is guaranteed longevity, as this product was originally developed for the building and construction of bridges and skyscarapers due to its amazing strength. Where some planting containers will crack in heavy frosts, or due to time and the onslaught of the elements of nature, eventually weaken and fade, Home and Garden Sava is confident in the high quality and manufacture of the Cube Planters and Cyclinder Planters offering a container that will grace any setting for many years to come. All Home and Garden Sava,s corten steel products also come with the addition of small feet, on which the planter can be positioned safely thus preventing direct contact with any type of flooring and as with all our products.

Location, location, location is a term used by many for a choice that will guarantee excellent results, offering rewards that are only evident on completion of the task. This particular terminology or use of words is just as appropriate when looking for, or designing a specific style in your garden or home environment, with classic and modern design and taste techniques overflowing from the pages of many of the garden and home magazines now available. Home and Garden Sava can guarantee that ‘wow’ factor when using the Cube Planter, with its classic, elegant choice in shapes and its natural colour tone, you are able to incorporate the use of these unique planters in any location. No longer is the patio the sole beneficiary of the amazing transformations that Container Planting can produce, the popular use of decking has enabled many to create an individual design and style, with unique planting and modern twists being used with the planting techniques and plant varieties that cover more than just the traditional choices of flowering plants. The positioning and collaboration of different sizes and shapes of the Cube Planter, enable stunning design ideas to be incorporated into the garden, whilst those that prefer a more minimalistic approach to additional planting in the garden, can produce an elegant and striking display with simple planting in a single container. With the choice of shrubs, trees and even herbs, your designs are only enhanced with the use of these stylish Cube Planters, from terraces to roof gardens, patios and driveways even the traditional cottage garden, Cube Planters give an air of style, quality and elegance enabling you to achieve a garden or home design unlike any others. The use of Cube Planters from Home and Garden Sava is not limited to your outside space as these stylish and unique Planters can be incorporated into your indoor home environment, with many homes now having the addition of conservatories or sun rooms, traditionally called orangeries as they were ideal growing environments for many of the fruits only found in hotter climates. The specific placement or design idea that is required to give that unique look when entering the home can be complimented with the use of a Cube Planter, whether your choice is the Cylinder Planter or the High Cube Planter, a young Bay Tree or even an Olive tree can give an appearance of style that is just what’s needed for that finishing touch. Landscaping your garden vista or enhancing your terrace, completing your interior design or including structure within the garden, the beautiful and unique corten steel Cube Planter gives a variety of locations that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that often is the finishing touch.